Sunday, May 3, 2015

Our Lovely Little Island Needs HELP.

Attention potential investors and future home owners of Ambergris Caye - here are some pictures of the San Mateo area that I'm sure your realtors won't be taking you to: 

Reminder - this is one of our NEIGHBORHOODS, not the dump

Hard working families, with CHILDREN, live in this area

I guess that as long as you don't see it while you're here, and as long as your gorgeous new condo isn't in the middle of it, it doesn't really matter, right? 

Come on, Belize, let's take care of the people who already live here before we continue catering to the people who come and go in a week. 


  1. I have to ask the question (and without any disrespect): how, exactly, are these areas becoming this way? I'm guessing it does have something to do with all those hard working families and their children... I don't think it's tourists going into San Mateo and just randomly dumping garbage...

  2. San Mateo is a big piece of land/swamp and the owner allows people to use this land as it is, with no rent.
    Nobody put the garbage there. That garbage is not dumped there from all over the town.People who live there are doing it. This being said, dear Carrie, you should look more into this story before pointing fingers.
    + Every single city in this world have an area that looks like this and is not something would make us proud, but yes, this does exist.

    1. The garbage HAS been dumped there, for "landfill." Saw a truck go in and let it all out with my own two, perfectly good eyeballs.