Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sailing South and Taking Pictures!

I finished working a fun, easy, five night charter on Monday - and, as usual, I'm pretty sure I took even more pictures than our guests did...

Have we talked about Blumps before? The stuffed, no armed, orange bodied, green haired, big nosed dude that I've had for as long as I can remember? Yeah... He came on charter with me this time and I slept like a champ. Coincidence?? 

Our first night's anchorage spot - Bannister Caye. This is one of the islands that cruise ship guests can visit while they're here for an excursion day... It's a lovely spot but there isn't much there and I heard that the bar is crazy expensive. 

Tobacco Caye - one of my favorite islands to visit. Maybe one day I'll get to spend a few nights in one of those over-the-water casitas!!

They're trying to protect the island from erosion (something everyone should be doing) by piling up all of the empty conch shells to use as a barrier.
Look at all those shells!!! 

    Rasta colored palm trees... I love it.

These people are serious about their private time...

A provision run to the closest town was necessary, so I hired Captain Doggy to take me over to Dangriga so I could get some shopping done -
Dangriga was where I always went when I needed to go to a post office or hit up an ATM or a decent grocery store when I lived in Alta Vista - and I haven't been there in close to three years now, so I was very happy to go.

From what I could tell, not much has changed. At all. 
(That's so different from Ambergris Caye, where change is constant) 

                 The market area

               Fresh fish for sale

Quick story about my new friend Tyree- I was in a grocery store looking for a few things when this kid approached me and said, "Excuse me, ma'am, you have a job for me?" 
People in Dangriga do this a lot - more than anywhere else in the country that I've noticed. They aren't looking for anything for free, they want to work. 

I told him I didn't really have anything for him to do, so he asked if he could push my cart for me for a dollar and I handed it over. He went aisle to aisle with me, helped me find everything I was looking for, and asked one of the employees where things were if we couldn't find them ourselves. 
He then took the bags from me and carried them over to Captain Doggy's boat and came with me to buy some veggies at the market, and helped locate a few other things I was looking for. Super helpful, super polite. I gave him $10bz for his time and he seemed VERY appreciative. 

Ok - back to pictures...

South Water Caye!

This was my first visit to South Water Caye and it is BEAUTIFUL. 15 acres and only two resorts - the Pelican Beach Resort and the Blue Marlin Lodge.

That's Carrie Bow Caye in the distance - the field station for the Smithsonian's Caribbean Coral Reef Ecosystems Program (CCRE)
I was too busy with work to pop over to Carrie Bow when the captain and guests went there to snorkel - but I did make time to check out South Water... 

Starting on the north end:

View from the Blue Marlin Lodge - looks like a great spot for cocktails and dinner with a sunset view

Or you can just chill and see what kinds of fish and crabs swim by - that's a barracuda down there

          I LOVE these "island igloos!"

Gorgeous property - with lots of deadly coconuts. (You know they kill more people than sharks do every year, yeah?)

The second largest barrier reef in the world - RIGHT THERE. (And a buttload of empty conch shells, too)

The south end, where the Pelican Beach Resort is, has one of THE nicest beaches that I've seen here in Belize. 

         There's Carrie Bow again

River rocks brought over from the mainland here instead of conch shells

Is this too ugly for you, or can you totally picture yourself spending ALL damn day right in these hammocks? 

 I served lunch and sangria right here. I think our guests were happy.

They had the whole beach to themselves. What a sweet vacation. 

The next day... Or maybe even the same day, they kind of all blur together, we did some more sailing along the reef, and I just can't ever get tired of all of these different shades of blue!!

The view from my "office," with English Caye in the distance

That day's appetizer (Spinach and Artichoke Dip in a Garlic Bread Bowl) was so good, it deserved a picture. 

If you want to have an incredible vacation like this - if you want to get married somewhere amazing - if you want to see a variety of islands in Belize in one vacation - you need to contact me so we can get you hooked up! 

I go out back tomorrow for 7 nights - so if you want to see all these pictures I take before I get around to blogging about them,  you should really FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM


  1. SO beautiful!!! Great post. xo

    1. Thanks Jo! Can't wait for you to come baaaaaack!!

  2. Great post, love your pics, I need to explore more than AC and Caulker next visit.

    1. Definitely - there's SO MUCH MORE to see :)

    2. Is there a website for your company/business that I can check out excursions? Ron

    3. Hi Ron - YES!
      Check out - make sure you tell them I sent you :)

    4. Great, Thanks

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