Sunday, June 7, 2015

Developing an OCD And Hatred for Throw Pillows

There's a lot of repetition involved in my job - we basically serve the same menu on every charter, answer the same questions about ourselves and Belize over and over again, ask the guests the same questions and give them the same options, we're constantly cleaning up the same 38-50 feet of boat space... you get the picture. 

I'm on my longest stretch of the season - about four weeks in a row with super quick breaks (1-3nights off) in between charters - which I'm not complaining about, but I'm pretty sure is taking a slight mental toll on me...

The best example I can give you is the throw pillows - or, as I now think of them - the "goddamn mother effing throw pillows."

This is how they SHOULD look on the inside couch. 

And this is how they should look outside. 

BUT.... obviously, they don't stay in the same position all day long. They serve two purposes - decoration and comfort. 
In order to be comfortable, they'll obviously get moved around. 

      This is my newest vision of Hell. 

                       So is this. 

I haven't actually counted how many times a day I straighten these goddamn mother effing throw pillows... but, clearly, it's enough to spark a murderous rage inside of me.
I picture myself snapping one day and beating someone with them - just like Mommy Dearest, but with a pillow instead of a wire hanger. 

Luckily (for everyone) I have a nice, long break coming up and I'll be back in my normal, zen-like, I-heart-pillows, mellow mood.