Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Home Number Ten... Another Good One

I think everyone knows how much I loved home number nine and how sad I was that my time there came to an end. It was only supposed to be a three month stay and I ended up being there for ten months - so I can't complain at all - but I was still pretty bummed to leave.

Here are some pictures, again, showing how cute is it there...

I mean, the entrance alone is enough to fall in love with

The pool.... Oh, how I'll miss that pool...

If the mosquitoes weren't TOO bad, the porch was a great spot to sit at night and look at the stars.
It was also where I washed my dishes, since there was no kitchen sink inside.

The only thing you really can't see at all is the little "kitchen" area on the left - which has a long counter with a mini fridge on top and two cabinets underneath.

It was tiny and it was hot as hell in there some days - but it was just so cute and cozy, and the rent was insanely affordable - something so hard to find on this island.

I've been in home number ten now for just over a week (9 days) and, even though I was kind of "meh" about it at first, I think I dig it now.

It's kind of cute, right? 

Those slotted windows take forever to clean, but they're great for turning the cabana into a dark cave on rainy days and napping like a pro. (I learned both of these things today)

The view from the front door. If you bend down a little you can see the sea.

Here are two of my neighbors who come say hi every day:

This handsome guy is Lion 

And this big girl is Porche

There's this cool palm tree next to the house:

Anyone know the name of it?

A little peak of the inside - 

Walking in - living room area to the left, kitchen (obviously) to the back 

From the kitchen - bathroom, bedroom, attic!!! 

Poquito taking over nap duty for me 

So, yeah. Now that it's all clean and I have everything where I want it, I like this place. 
It took me a few days to realize that I don't have to empty my coffee pot or drain my water outside any more... these kitchen sink thingers are VERY convenient!! 

I'm going to be popping up to the States for a quick visit next week, but I have plenty of time in the next few days to try to get another post out before I go - maybe I'll finally show you that tiny little mangrove island off the coast of Placencia that I visited while on charter a few weeks ago...

Aaaaand, to end this on a depressing note -  my buddy Cheech, who finally found a forever home not too long ago, was attacked by a crocodile a couple of weeks ago and didn't survive.
I posted about him so many times - I thought I should tell you.

I can't believe I'll never get to hang out with this big dumbhead again.... Go home and hug your doggies for me!!

Ugh. Love.


  1. Oh no! My heart is breaking for Cheech...I loved this dog from afar. I am not a fan of crocs...I know they're just following their instincts, but still. Such a shame.

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