Thursday, February 18, 2016

Yep, I'm still around...

Sooooo... Some of you may have noticed that I haven't posted anything on here in quite a while. Since September, I think. 
There's a very simple explanation for that - my life has been super boring lately and I have nothing interesting to tell you about. 

The only reason I'm wracking my brain for something to write about now is that my blog's Facebook page recently got a bunch of new "likes" and I said if I made it to 600 I'd post something... and I think I'm at 616 now. (Yes, I know that 616 is a pathetic amount of likes for a blog that's been around for as long as this one has - but I'm not much of a numbers whore and not big on self promotion, so it is what it is)

So.... What's changed in my life since September? 
I guess the biggest change is the change in jobs - I had been working for the sailing charter company for two seasons but I quit doing that because the company wasn't keeping me busy enough to be able to support myself, and because I got tired of being away from home and living with strangers for days or weeks at a time. 

Not gonna lie, though - I DO miss being out on the water on these gorgeous catamarans and visiting little, random islands up and down the coast of Belize 

After ditching the sailing job I eventually made my way back into bartending, and then eventually got promoted to a few management shifts as well as being behind the bar, and my view here at Sandbar doesn't suck, either: 

Yep, I stare at this exact view 6 days a week now. Does. Not. Suck. 

Other than that, though.... Things are pretty much the same. I still live about 3 miles north of town, I'm still pretty much single, and I still have Poquito:

                        AKA Fuzzbutt

People ask me all the time what my plan is - am I staying here forever?! 
I can honestly say, I still have no idea. For now, everything is good here - I love my job, I love where I live, I love the very few people I hang out with.... So unless an amazing opportunity that's too good to pass up presents itself, I think I'll keep sticking around here for a while. 

Anyway, that's all I have for now... Thanks for reading 😉 


  1. Good to see you're still around, Carrie. I'd been wondering. Looks like you have a great view -- and a good viewpoint as well. Take care!

  2. Glad your back! We really like the sandbar, we're you working there in march?

    1. Yes, Mike - I've been there since October :) It's possible that I was your dreadlocked, day time bartender...

  3. Glad your back! We really like the sandbar, we're you working there in march?

  4. nice artikel

  5. I'm glad to see a post again, Carrie. Sounds like you are still enjoying your life there. Take care and Bless!

  6. We live far south but my husband swears by Sandbar's pizza. Love the post of the kitty.